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Whether meal or treat food, it's fun to watch a rabbit eat in awe and paradise, especially food you make- dedicated especially to your, well, special rabbit that deserves your well-made food.

Some of these recipes are made by me, otherwise I made another variation of another recipe. If the only thing that happens when you give it the food is that it takes a small whiff and ignores it later, it is not my problem or yours. Every rabbit has a different preference, just like humans. Although the stereotypical thought of all rabbits loving carrots, (Bugs Bunny come to mind?) it doesn't apply to every. Please do not take the recipe made by me or ask. It is mine unless credited and stated otherwise.

Remember, please use common sense when it comes to recipes that are treats. Overfeeding treats will cause obesity and other problems.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Snackin' Around

You wake up one Sunday morning just to find your rabbit shuffling through the pantries for snacks. It sticks its head out chewing on somethin'. It looks at you "Hey,I'm innocent! I.. I.. I can explain, I really can.." and you stand there with the expression "I ain't buyin' that excuse." And the rabbit runs. Oh dear, so now what do you do? First, hide those yummy snacks, although I betcha the rabbit is gonna track it down before long. So, give this instead! You may think these are super tiny micro-thingies and it's not enough, but you don't want your rabbit getting in the habit of that. Uh, you may want a ruler if you're those precise and super accurate type of people.

3 pc. Apple, bite sized
3 inch pc. Banana, mashed till soft
1 inch pc. Strawberry
1 pc raisin, cut in1/2 (Best to find one that is not high in sugar or sugarless.)
2 Baby Carrots, both cut half 2 times.(Should have 8 pcs. as result)

Put the apple, strawberry, and raisin in your serving dish. After the carrots are cut, top it in the dish. After that, put your banana in there over everything else. Give it to your rabbit and watch her/him devour in seconds.
:Note: If you're wondering why the feeding amounts of the fruits are so small, it is because they are very sugary foods, especially if you give sugared raisins. They should not ever be given daily or more than once a week or two.


Anonymous said...

I fixed this, but just with the bananna and cut up carrots, and not Lilly wown't even come out from under my bed!! Un gratefull little luv bug...!! Grrr... wait for it... OK, this is gonna get rough!! *grabb* ok I set her next to the bowl and she loves it!! I never thought I'd live to see the day that Lilly eats some thing other than carrots!! :D :) :P

Anonymous said...

Awe man!! Lilly took a few licks and bites but then she left...!! Whatem I gonna do now?! I could have put that healthy, perfect bananna in my ice cream... Or I could have eaten it with melted chocolate... UNGRATEFULL LITTLE LUV BUG...!!!!!!! GRRRRRR!!

Anonymous said...

Do have a recipe for rabbit cake.its my rabbit(Nicola) 's birthday and I need a rabbit birthday cake recipe

Anonymous said...

hi i would love if you made a no bake treat cookie or a ice cream my rabbit can eat