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Whether meal or treat food, it's fun to watch a rabbit eat in awe and paradise, especially food you make- dedicated especially to your, well, special rabbit that deserves your well-made food.

Some of these recipes are made by me, otherwise I made another variation of another recipe. If the only thing that happens when you give it the food is that it takes a small whiff and ignores it later, it is not my problem or yours. Every rabbit has a different preference, just like humans. Although the stereotypical thought of all rabbits loving carrots, (Bugs Bunny come to mind?) it doesn't apply to every. Please do not take the recipe made by me or ask. It is mine unless credited and stated otherwise.

Remember, please use common sense when it comes to recipes that are treats. Overfeeding treats will cause obesity and other problems.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Deluxe Meal

This meal will be the sole dream of any herbivore. Packed with nutrients and herbs that your rabbit will love, it will send him to a chewing sensation straight off the line.

Although a meal that's healthy, you shouldn't give it on a daily basis. Too much herbs can give you the opposite effect. Please note, this is for adult rabbits.

The Deluxe Meal
2 Dandelions
1 Comfrey Flower (The leaf)
1 piece of Echinacea
1 Strawberry
1 Blackberry

First, lay them out on a table, cooking board or something cleaned easily and then wash your plants. Leave some water content on them. Just make sure it's not too soggy. Remove the petals from the Echinacea and separate the leaves from the strawberry. Put everything in a blender or grinder and allow it to grind or blend to the extent of almost being fine. Serve and watch that little monster munch it away. You can add some vegetables (i.e. Carrots), hay, or pellets as an option.


leelee said...

Hello I'm wandering i dont know where to get comfrey or echinecea please post on my blog Animal Talk I really want to make that Recipe

Anonymous said...

can you use frozen fruits pleas reply. (:

Anonymous said...

can you use frozen fruit

Anonymous said...

can you use frozen fruit